Live In Batesville

By Needfire

  1. Whistle Britches
  2. When I Get There
  3. 9 Minutes Of Woo
    Drowsy Maggie
    The Musical Priest
  4. Arran Boat Song
  5. Spirit Of Nauvoo
  6. Fields Of Bracken
    Fields Of Athenry
    Cutting Bracken
    Dram Before You Go
    Helen O’Grady’s
    Paddy’s Leather Breeches
  7. Cat In A Cannon
  8. Bagpipe Blues
  9. Young Free And Celtic

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Needfire - Live in Batesville

Needfire is a Celtic-Rock band from Dallas, Texas.

Live in Batesville features alot of original and traditional tunes, some are Rock (like the “Field’s of Bracken” set) and some are acoustic (like the “9 Minutes of Woo” set).