Reed Only

By Tim Collins & Brian McNamara

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  1. Aggie Whyte’s
    The Small Hills Of Offaly
    The Widow’s Daughter
  2. The Ballinacourty
    Snug In The Blanket
  3. The Good Natured Man
    The West End
  4. The Wexford Lassies
    Biddy From Muckross
    Spike Island Lassies
  5. Ag Taisteal Na Blarnan (Travelling Through Blarney)
  6. The Nine Pint Coggie
    Sailing Into Walpole’s Marsh
    The Beauty Spot
  7. Petticoat Loose
    Cro Na NGabhar
  8. The Boys On The Hilltop
    The Cashmere Shawl
    The Sunny Banks
  9. Fasten The Leg In
    Westering Home
    Tell Her I Am
  10. Johnny Cope
  11. The Lady’s Cup Of Tea
    The Basket Of Oysters
    The Kerry Lassie
  12. The Wearied Lad
    The Humours Of Rahey
  13. The Bright Lady
  14. The Return To Burton Road
    Do You Want Anymore ?
    The Humours Of Glen
  15. John Kelly’s Concertina
    Our House At Home
    The Ballynacally

Seven comments

Westering Home it isn’t

Track 9, second tune sounds like The Muckin’ o’ Geordie’s Byre rather than Westering Home.

Really great album

I love this. I have had this CD for a while and had a chance to crank up the volume on it. Now I really love it. It is great on any volume, but there is stuff going on that I noticed at the greater volume. I wish more people could listen to this one. The tunes and playing are top notch.
If anyone could write out for me their version of the Cashmere Shaw. That would be great. 🙂

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Re: Reed Only

The first tune on track 15 is actually "John Kelly’s Old Concertina Reel", quite different from "John Kelly’s Concertina Reel"