Haven’t Yet Lost My Ears

By Finvarra’s Wren

  1. Quilty
    Langstrom’s Pony
    Free And Easy
    Harvest Storm
  2. Cold Blow And The Rainy Night
    Connaughtman’s Rambles
  3. Brown And The Yellow Ale
  4. Beautiful Monkey
    The Old Bush
    The Earl’s Chair
  5. Don’t Come Again
    Roll Her In The Ryegrass
  6. Luck Of The Irish
  7. Ar Eirinn Ni Neosfainn Ce Hi
  8. Mom’s Happy Tune
    The Tea Room
  9. Sister Clarissa
    The Maid Of Feakle
  10. The Homeschooler
  11. How Can I Live On The Top Of The Mountain
  12. Is The Big Man Within
    Within A Mile Of Dublin
    The Man Of The House
    The Coal Miner
  13. Pat Come Over The Hill
    The Whinny Hills Of Leitrim