Four On The Floor

By Old Blind Dogs

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  1. Terror Time
  2. Harris Dance:
    Jan Alexander’s Fancy
    The Harris Dance
  3. Star O’the Bar
  4. Breton:
    Donald, Hugh, And His Dog
  5. Gaelic Song
  6. Jigs:
    Put The Gown On The Bishop
    The Old Country Bumpkin
    The Kilkenny
    Danza Do Lino
  7. Braw Sailin’
  8. Goats:
    The Maid That Tends The Goats
    Lord Of The Manor
    Innes Campbell
  9. Cairn O’Mount
  10. Bedlam Boys
    The Rights Of Man
  11. Branle:
    The Aird Ranters
    Scottish Branle
  12. The Bonnie Earl O’ Moray

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New Album by the Dogs. The last three tracks are live versions of stuff that was on other albums. This is a really good album with some great tunes and songs. Rory’s new Pipes sound better than the old ones ever did.

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Their name is one I find far more off-putting than any metal schlock. I think of a smelly old mutt with eyes like white marbles owned by a chap I worked for who would take it to bed with him. His girlfriend found this a bit of a strain: in due course, she moved on.

I’d have to screw my mind up pretty hard to forget these associations if I buy one of their albums - though I gather they’re good!

These guys are some of the best! Well, in my opinion anyway. I’m sure there are many here who would chastise them for their use of percussion, but a tighter, stronger group is hard to find! Give these guys a listen Nicholas.

… waiting for my copy of this album to arrive any day now. 🙂

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A note…

On track 6: Jigs, the Galician tune at the end is spelled "Danza do lino". Gave me some trouble when I googled it earlier using the wrong spelling.

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