The Winding Way

By Michel Ferry And Antoine Leclercq

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  1. Looking Out The Window
    Room To Room
    (Michel Ferry’s) The Top Of The Stairs
    The Weaver’s Dream
  2. Moonlight On The Snow
    The Joys Of Winter
  3. The Otter In The Bog
    Slippery Fox
    The Swallow’s Flight
  4. The Fair Eel
    Fairy Frolics
    The Ferry Crossing
  5. The Mist Covered Mérantaise
    The Glen Of Goats
    Mountains Of Courcelle
    The Green Fields Of Massy-Palaiseau
  6. In The Shade Of The Alders
    The Banks Of The Dronne
    The Scorching Heat
  7. A Bar Of Chocolate
    A Cup Of Coffee
  8. Sharing The Wealth
    Sharing The Work
  9. The Winding Way
    Ramble In The Meadows
    The Grove In Bloom
  10. The Numbers Game
    Looking East
  11. A Little Fresh Air
    After The Sun Comes Up
    (Michel Ferry’s) The Windmill
    Farewell To Chernobyl

Five comments

A fine composer

Michel Ferry is better known - once the facts have been set straight - for having composed a reel that is played all over the world, Farewell to Chernobyl. See the thread for all the rumours about this tune and Michel’s "coming out"!!
I’ve known Michel now for 12 years or so. All of us playing sessions in Paris have always known that Farewell to Chernobyl was only one of many original compositions, but never did anyone manage to get him to play any other - not that it was any easier to get him to play the Chernobyl one, but he would join in if someone else started it.
None of this will change, I guess… But at least we have the opportunity to listen to some of these tunes, now that Michel has recorded a CD of his compositions, with Antoine Leclercq, a fine guitar player from Paris, backing him on the tunes.

Anyone interested should visit their website at this address

Don’t say I told you, Michel will probably hold it against me!!!


"The Winding Way: Compositions d’inspiration traditionnelle Irlandaise"

& the artists are:

Michel Ferry ~ fiddler & composer
Antoine LeClercq - guitar

I’ve just walked in the door and this was the other side of the mail slot. I know what I’ll be listening to for awhile now… Merci / Go raibh ma’agat / Trugarez / Thanks Michel.

I only wish the pictures were larger, which is my only initial complaint ~ in every photo of you and Antoine your heads are no bigger than the head of a pin… It’s nice to know you’re not fat heads, but it would be nice to see the faces of the folk behind the instruments… 😉

Partitions / Scores / Transcriptions ~ PDFs

Hey, nice one guys, the dots for the tunes, so the work I was considering is already done. For others, here’s the direct link to transcriptions of Michel’s tunes from this recording ~

Nice Album Guys
Pity about Antoine’s hair these days Lucky it does not effect his great guitar playing.
Also a nice picture on the cover from my good friend Claire

Hello, FYI : is no longer avalaible
the website has moved here :

and my hair’s fine now, Dave 🙂