A’ Sireadh Spòrs

By Dr. Angus MacDonald

  1. Barabel Phadruig
    Donald Willie And His Dog
    The Price Of The Pig
  2. An Cota Ruadh
    The Wise Man’s Exercise
    When You Go To The Hill Take Your Gun
    Danns A Chorrachosaig
    Sleepy Maggie
    In And Out The Harbour
  3. Dr. Allan MacDonald
    Pipe Major Hector MacLean
    John Morrison Of Assynt House
  4. Bu Deonach Leam Tilleadh
    The Sister’s
    Matt Molloy’s
    The Cape Breton Fiddler’s Welcome To Shetland
  5. Port Domhnaill Ruadh
    Port Ailean Og
    Mrs Robertson Of Grishornish
    The Night We Had The Goats
    Cota Mor Ealasaid
    A’ Sireadh Spòrs
  6. Ruidhleadh Cailleach
    Swallows Tail
    The Woman Of The House
    The High Road To Linton
  7. The Islay Ball
    Barbara’s Welcome Home
    Alasdair Fraser’s Welcome To Cape Breton
    John Beaton’s
  8. Chuir I Gluin Air A’ Bhodach
    Mo Mhairi Mhin Mheall-Shuileach
    Cutting Bracken
    Mrs Martha Knowles
    Calum Fhionnlaigh
    The Pitnacree Ferryman
  9. The Man From Skye
    Kenny Gillies Of Portnalong, Skye
    Lady In The Bottle
  10. Hi Ro Ho Ro Mo Nionag
    The Unst Bridal March
    Da Merry Boys Of Greenland
    Sleep Soond In Da Moarnin’
  11. A Bhriogais Uallach
    Cape Breton Port-A-Beul
    An Drochaid Chliuteach
    Na Goisidich
  12. Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band
    Blair Drummond
    The Man From Glengarry
  13. Captain Horne
    A.A. Cameron’s
    The Fiddler
    Cur Dhan Chiste Mhor Mi
    Love At The Endings
  14. Farewell My Love
    Moll Roe
    Hughie Travers
    East At Glendart
    P-M John MacDonald’s Exercise
  15. Inveran
    John MacColl’s March To Kilbowie Cottage
  16. Jock Stewart
    The Boys Of Ballymote
    Give Us A Drink Of Water
    Pipe Major Donald MacLean

Eight comments

Great tune names…

..and if I’m not mistaken the translation for the first tune in track 8 is the politically correct version

“A’ Sireadh Spòrs” (Looking For Fun) ~ but not finding the links?

The big problem with this approach, putting in alternate titles and translations is that the tracks will never link to the transcriptions on site.

Here are your multiple entries, and hopefully we can get the ‘Details’ free of them? 😏

Submitted on August 14th 2007 by malcombpiper.

a. ~ Barabel Phadruig - Patrick’s Annabel

2.) An Cota Ruadh -The Red Coat

a. ~ Bu Deonach Leam Tilleadh - I Long To Return

a. ~ Port Domhnaill Ruadh - Redhaired Donald’s Tune
b. ~ Port Ailean Og - Young Allan’s Tune
e. ~ A’Phiorbhuic - The Periwig
The Night We Had The Goats
g. ~ Cota Mor Ealasaid - Elizabeth’s Big Coat
h. ~ A’ Sireadh Spòrs - Looking For Fun

a. ~ Ruidleadh Cailleach, Sheatadh Cailleach (The Old Lady Would Reel)

a. ~ Chuir I Gluin Air A Bhodach - She Put A Knee In The Old Man
b. ~ Mo Mhairi Mhin Mheall-Shuileach - Sweet Mary Of The Enticing Eyes
c. ~ Buain Na Raineach -Cutting Bracken
e. ~ Calum Fhionnlaigh - Calum Finlay

a. ~ Hi Ro Ho Ro Mo Nionag - Hi Ro Ho Ro My Young Girl

a. ~ A Bhriogais Uallach (The Pompous Trousers)
b. ~ gan ainm Cape Breton’s Port-A-Beuls usually have names, origins
c. ~ An Drochaid Chliuteach - The Famous Bridge
d. ~ Na Goisidich - The Gossip

d. ~ Cur Dhan Chiste Mhor Mi - Put Me In The Great Chest - Love At The Endings

??? ~ This last entry of yours has me a bit confused, as “Love at the Endings” is a reel composed by Ed Reavy ~

“Love At The Endings”
Key signature: D Major
Submitted on September 25th 2002 by RonanOD.

& is not the same thing as ~

“Cuir ‘s A’ Chiste Mhóir Mi” / “Put Me In The Great Chest” / “Cur Dhan Chiste Mhor Mi”
Key signature: A Major
Submitted on June 2nd 2004 by slainte.


Did you actually like this and want to share it with us all? Is it actually a recording you recommend? ~ or did you just have some spare time on your hands and nothing better to do? Any comment would be valued. Tell us something about it, about the musician? Is it all solo work or were ‘friends’ invovled, and does it include some of their own compositions? Is it exceptional or just another one of those many GHB recordings of yet another medal winner?

Dr. Angus MacDonald ~

Dr. Angus MacDonald Born and brought up in Glenuig, Angus learned to pipe with the late John MacKenzie at the Queen Victoria School in Dunblane. Later he went for piobaireachd lessons to Roderick MacDonald. Angus has won most of the premier prizes in piping, including the Gold Medal at the Northern Meeting in 1988, the Clasp in 1996 and the Gold Medal at Oban.

Dr. Angus MacDonald ~ with respect to the musician involved


Angus MacDonald is one of three piping brothers from Glenuig in Moidart. His brothers Allan and Iain are well known in piping circles. Since 1993, Angus has practiced as a medical doctor in Skye, moving back from Cape Breton, Canada, where he had lived and worked for 11 years.

While at university in Glasgow he played with the British Caledonian Airways pipe band and was in the forefront of developing the playing of pipes with other instruments and made many television appearances in the early days of folk bands. His brother Iain has continued this with membership of bands such as Ossian and the Battlefield Band.

Prior to moving to Canada he started the successful Feis in Barra, designed to stimulate Gaelic music and language. This has blossomed into a national movement with full-time staff and over two dozen other similar feisean (festivals) around the Highlands and Islands.

Angus continues to compete and has won most of the major competitions including the gold medals at Oban, Inverness and in Canada; the Inverness clasp and Senior Piobaireachd at Oban; and the Silver Chanter. In the light music he has, among other prizes, won the March, Strathspey and Reel competitions at Oban and Inverness. He is a Trustee and Piping advisor for the Clan Donald Lands Trust, Isle of Skye.


A Classic *****

(John Dally 09/11/2005)
Years after its release, I still listen to this recording regularly. This is Highland piping at its best, traditional and innovative, played with the utmost Gaelic blas. My only complaint is that it doesn’t contain a piobaireachd. Nevertheless, if you don’t have this CD in your collection you are missing some of the best piping ever recorded.
When, oh when, will Dr. Angus record another CD? The world waits in anticipation.


Angus MacDonald is one of three brothers from Glenuig in Inverness-shire, all well known for their piping skills. They have developed a very individualistic style of playing which is their hallmark, and Angus is no exception in carrying on this tradition.


I totally forgot I posted this album on here. I was in a pipe tune transcription frenzy at the time. I’ll go back and edit the track list so that tune names link to the transcriptions.

This is one of my favorite Highland piping albums. I got turned onto it because a track was on a cheap compilation CD that I got for cheap at a chain music store not long after taking up the pipes. The Dr. Angus track leaped out at me. His pipe has a warm, silvery tone. His technique is bubbly and his expression oozes style.

I agree with the sentiment about the lack of piobaireachd. I heard Dr. Angus play Lament For The Children when he won the Silver Chanter and it enthralling. His sound is what I have in my head when I tune my pipes.

What I like about this album is that it’s pipes only and has the feel more of a solo album like a fiddler or flute player would put out.

A very nice and personal review malcombpiper, appreciated…

Have to say A’ Sireadh Spòrs is a classic classic album. Had it for years and find myself constantly referring to it for tunes inspiration and just plain old listening, I never tire of it. I don’t lament the lack of a piobaireachd, no. This is small music or kitchen music in piping terms, at it’s best, we could use more of it, a greayt piper letting their hair down. So if your “looking for fun”, look no further.

Track 02

Hi there,

This Cd by Dr Angus MacDonald is also one of favorite recordings. I play some of the tunes that are on it. I have written down some of the tunes that are played on track : an cota ruadh, MacKenzie’s Strathspey & Danns a Chorrachosaig but I don’t master the ABC language. I can pdf them maybe. I don’t know how to add them. If someone can help

These days, I play a lot Danns a Chorrachosaig. a great tune not often heard.