Trip To Harrogate

By Canny Fettle

  1. Open The Door To Thee
    Long Room At Scarborough
  2. Touzle Your Kerchie
  3. Morgan Rattler
  4. Lovely Nancy
  5. Lovesick Polly
    Tankard Of Ale
  6. Trip To The Bath
    Trip To Harrogate
  7. Lady Barnsley’s Fancy
    The Maggie Dance
  8. Lillinghall
  9. The Four Seasons
  10. The Brickmakers
  11. Trip To Castle Howard
  12. The Musical Lovers (song)
  13. Welcome Here Again
    Mary Eleanor
  14. The Musical Society (song)
  15. Cuddy Clumps (song)
  16. Wetherby Grange
    The Grove
    La Belle Catherine
  17. I Would But I Dare Not
    New Lango Lee
  18. Green Bracken
  19. Ladies’ Plaything
    The Green Box
  20. Tweedside
  21. Around The World For Sport
    Fourpence Ha’penny Farthing
    Trip To The Keys
    Seven Stars

One comment

Trip to Harrogate

First appearance of the Jackson m/s (1798 - Burton Leonard, North Yorkshire).
Recorded on Tradition TRS 027 in 1977.
Musicians were Bob Morton, Gerry Murphy, Bob Diehl and Steve Turner of ‘Canny Fettle’ with the addition of Phil Bartlett, Dave Hillary and Dave Howes.

Material from the manuscript has subsequently been published by Yorkshire Dales Workshops (1998) under the title: "Tunes, Songs & Dances from the 1798 Manuscript of Joshua Jackson North Yorkshire cornmiller and musician" ISBN: 1 897925 17 4.
A second CD of material from this manuscript, ‘The Miller’s Jig’, was recorded in 1998 by ‘Magnetic North’ to accompany the publication of the book.

One of the most fruitful of English dance manuscripts to have been uncovered.