A Rake Of Reels

By John Nolan

  1. Ag Criost An Siol
  2. The Land Of Sunshine
    The Abbeyleix
    Gan Ainm
  3. Willie Coleman’s
    The Cat In The Corner
    Charlie Mulvihill’s
  4. Bridget Of Knock
    Garrykennedy Castle
  5. Larry Redican’s
  6. Sleepless Nights
  7. The Bowlegged Tailor
    As Old As The Hills
  8. The Mullingar Races
    The Ladies Of Lenster
    Toss The Feathers
  9. Hogan’s Pass
    The Cuckoo
    The Twisted Bellows
  10. The Sailor’s Cravat
    Gan Ainm
  11. Morgan Magan
  12. Second Victory
    Let’s Dance
    The Flight Of The Wild Geese
  13. Boogie
    Maid Of Mount Kisco
    John Dwyer’s
    Joe Cooley’s Morning Dew
    Come West Along The Road
    Master Crowley’s No. 1
    Jackson’s No. 2
    Tom Ward’s Downfall
    A Tune For Mary

Four comments

Great CD from popular New York-based player

Powerful playing with a varied selection, culminating in the final track of 11 popular reels!

this album is a tour de force in the highly ornamented joe burke style of b/c box playing……mr. nolan is scary-good at it. and he is a gent to boot.

john’s my teacher and i can say he’s one hell of a nice guy and an extremely talented box player. Ive yet to hear a better box player

Re: A Rake Of Reels

John plays an old grey Paolo C#/D on this, actually. He’s the only box player I’ve heard do that super-punchy type of playing on a press and draw accordion, I love it.