Fiddles In The Cowshed

By Lakeland Fiddlers

  1. Kendall Ghyll
    Thomas Birkett’s
  2. Crossing The Sands
    Jenny Dang The Weaver
    A Touch Under The Blanket
  3. Bretherdale
  4. Cumberland
  5. Keswick Bonnie Lasses
  6. Dent Schottische
  7. Carlisle
    Haul Away The Hawser
  8. Greensleeves
    The Moon And Seven Stars
  9. The Helm Wind
    The New Road To Alston

Three comments

Community fiddle band formed in 2000, consisting of nine fiddlers, and led by the redoubtable Carolyn Francis. They have been reviving material from old Lakeland manuscripts.

Recorded in 2002 in Mike Harding’s Studio in Dent.

The Helm Wind (Track 9) has no connection with steering ships. It is the name given to a very local weather phenomenon that sometimes affects the Cumbrian stretch of the North Pennines, especially round Cross Fell, the highest hill. It comes about when a cold north-easterly wind passes over these hills and plunges violently into the Eden valley on their west side - this latter activity being called the Helm Wind. The name is said actually to derive from "helmet" - or "helm" used in that sense; the reference is to a bar of cloud that conceals the tops of the hills on the west side when the wind is blowing.

yep, that’s right nicholas.

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