La Veillée Des Veillées

By Various Artists

  1. Traveller’s
  2. Reel à Hélène
  3. La Tuque Bleue
  4. Reel D’Isidore Soucy
    Reel Des Noces D’or
  5. Turlute à Antonio Basinet
  6. La Belle Catherine
  7. Reel D’Alexis Le Trotteur
  8. Reel Du Pêcheur
  9. Reel Du Lièvre
  10. Derrière Chez-nous Y’a Un Champ De Pois
  11. En Filant Ma Quenouille
  12. L’ Homme à 2 Femmes
  13. Bourrée D’Auvergne
  14. À La Claire Fontaine
  15. Sonny Brogan’s
  16. Laridé Lokmariakêr
  17. Exile’s
  18. L’arbre Est Dans Ses Feuilles
  19. Lacassine Special
  20. La Porte D’en Arrière
  21. Kamp Koulag
  22. An Holl Bobl
  23. Christmas Eve
    Greg’s Pipes
  24. Miss McLeod
    The Wild Irishman
  25. Paddy Ryan’s Dream
    Mama’s Pet
  26. Galope
    Set Américain
  27. Bonnie Kate
    Gan Ainm
    The Star Of Munster

Seven comments

La veillée des veillées

"Veillée" is the quebecois for the Irsh "wake".
"Veiller un mort" is to wake for a dead person.
In November 1975, a group of people from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) organized a series of concert with a variety of trad artists from the province of Quebec and from various nations that have contributed to the quebecois musical tradition. Thus, were invited:
John Wright ; Catherine Perrier (France and England)
Conan & Robert Perros (Brittany)
Gweltaz Ar Fur & Mikaël Moazan (Brittany)
Groupe de Marc Soucy (Louisiana)
and from Quebec: Le groupe de Saint-Basile-de-Portneuf, Louis « Pitou » Boudreault, Ruine-babines, Le rêve du diable, Irène & Édith Myers, Barde, Yves Verret , Gilles Losier and of course the legendary fiddler Jean Carignan.
On the last night of the event, a major concert was presented where all those artists ligned up for a few tunes. That concert was filmed entirely and is since then available from the Natinal Film Board of Canada.
This whole event was paramout in the revival of the interest for trad music in Quebec by what is commonly referd to as the Baby Boomers generation.
Soon after, La Bottine Souriante came around.
A fine document. It was unfortunately never published as a CD but only on vinyl and, as mentioned, on film.
I have digitalized the sound track.

Doherty’s Reel

There are so many reels by this name.
This is the same as the one played by The Boys Of The Lough on their eponym album (1973).

Tracks and artists

Track 1: to 4 Le groupe de Saint-Basile-de-Portneuf
Track 5: Ruine-babines
Track 6: Louis « Pitou » Boudreault and Ruine-babines
Track 7: Louis « Pitou » Boudreault
Track 8 & 9: Le rêve du diable
Track 10 & 11: Irène & Édith Myers
Track 12: Gilles Losier
Track 13 & 14: John Wright
Track 15: Barde
Track 16: Conan et Robert Perros
Track 17: Barde
Track 18: Bayou des mystères
Track 19: Groupe de Marc Soucy
Track 20: Groupe de Marc Soucy
Track 21: Mikael Moazan ; Gweltaz Ar Fur
Track 22: Mikael Moazan
Track 23: John Wright
Track 24: Jean Carignan ; John Wright ; Gilles Losier
Track 25: Jean Carignan ; Gilles Losier
Track 26: Yves & Lucie Verret
Track 27: Jean Carignan ; Yves Verret ; Gilles Losier

Track 27

The The second reel is "Over the Moor to Maggie", thus replicating the medlay as John J. Kimmel used to do it.

Re: La Veillée Des Veillées

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