Black Velvet

By Black Velvet

  1. Middle Eastern Polka #1
    Middle Eastern Polka #2
  2. A Trip To Windsor
    Brisk Bob
    Siobhan O’Donnell’s
  3. Spanish Moods No. 1
    Spanish Moods No. 2
    The Road To La Coruna
  4. Five And Seven
    Down At Peto’s
    Ian’s Chetvorno
  5. The Monaghan
    The Kerfunten
    Up In The Air
  6. Two Breton Hanter-dros
    Le Petit Manteau Rouge
  7. A Stór Mo Chroí
  8. Wind On The Mountain
    Top Of The Morning
    A Balkan Feast
  9. Intro
    Ehud Nathan’s Air
  10. Griffin From The Bridge
    The Highlandman That Kissed His Granny
    Jenny’s Chickens

Three comments

Great band!

I think they are awsome.
(I also know the buzuki player personally).

we play together at a session.

Black Velvet: Self-Titled Album

Released June, 2000.

Irish music from Israel.

Their website:

Available on iTunes, and, Bandcamp:

On the album:
- Hagit Rosmarin (flutes/whistles)
- Jonathan Keren (fiddle/mandola)
- Ehud Nathan (bouzouki/mandolin/bodhrán)
- Tal Babitski (keyboards)
- Nitzan Shachar (bodhrán/percussion)

Joined by:
- Shimrit Dror (vocals, on: A stor mo chroi)
- Itay Abramovitz (keyboards/accordion/percussion, on: Middle Eastern Polkas, A Balkan feast, Ehud Nathan’s Air)
- Vitaly Podolsky (accordion, on: The Alexis Set, The Road To Galicia)
- Michal Nathan (castanets, on: The Road To Galicia)
- Jerry O’Sullivan (uilleann pipes, on: Middle Eastern Polkas)
- Emer Mayock (flute/whistle, on: Up In The air)

Tune composer info from their Bandcamp page (the rest is listed as traditional):
- Middle Eastern Polka #1, Middle Eastern Polka #2, Spanish Mood No. 1, Spanish Mood No. 2, Five And Seven, Ian’s Chetvorno, Alexis’ Polka, Wind On The Mountain, Top Of The Morning, A Balkan Feast, Air (Ehud Nathan)
- A Trip To Windsor (Dan R. MacDonald)
- Siobhan O‘Donnell’s (Siobhan O’Donnell)
- The Road To La Coruna (Bill Whelan)
- Down At Peto’s (Jonathan Keren)
- The Kerfunten (Hammy Hamilton)
- Up In The Air (Kevin Burke & Mícheál Ó Domhnaill)
- Le Petit Manteau Rouge (Regis Dupuy)
- Intro (Itay Abramovitz)