In The Wind

By Shegui

  1. The Twa Corbies
  2. The Fire In The Hearth
    Deux Melodies De Galorn
  3. She’s Like The Swallow
  4. Father Kelly’s
    Father Kelly’s
    Anna Maguire
  5. Kitty
    The Handsome Cat
  6. Mekedon Oro
  7. The Press Gang
  8. Mick Johnson’s Cottage
    The Three Stitches
    Captain MacDuff
    Big Jim Sutherland Of Thurso
  9. Hugh The Graeme
  10. The Farewell
    The Watchmaker

One comment

In The Wind by Shegui

This 1984 LP had quite a different line-up: Tom Smith (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, mandola, mandolin); George Faux (fiddles, viola, mandolin, mandola, vocal, acoustic and electric guitars); Brian Brookes (Oberheim OBXa synthesiser, electric pianos, bouzouki, acoustic guitar, whistle, vocal); John Skelton (flutes, whistles, bombarde, Overton Loc C whistle, bodhran). I think this was their second release after Around the World for Sport (Celtic Music CM005, 1980).

The following composers were credited:

The Fire In the Hearth (Freeland Barbour
Father Kelly’s Jig (John Skelton/George Faux)
Anna Maguire (John Skelton)
The Handsome Cat (Tom Smith)
Bouree (Chabenat)
Mick Johnson’s Cottage (George Faux)
The Three Stitches (George Faux)
Big Jim Sutherland of Thurso (George Faux)
The Farewell Reel (Emile Benoit)