The Sound Of Coleman Country

By Various Artists

  1. The Green Fields Of Rossbeigh
    Sailor On The Rock
  2. Wallop The Spot
    Spot The Wallop
  3. Johnnie Is The Fairest One
  4. Dublin
    The Mason’s Apron
    The Bucks Of Oranmore
  5. Sherwood Forest
    Chief O’Neill’s
  6. Lord McDonald’s
    The Pigeon On The Gate
  7. The Ploughboy
  8. Killavil
  9. Killavil
    The Rambling Pitchfork
  10. The Ballad Of Michael Coleman
  11. Nine Points Of Roguery
    Molly Bawn
  12. The Tarbolton
    Longford Collector
    The Sailor’s Bonnet
  13. An Droimin Donn Dilis
  14. Lad O’Beirne’s
  15. Molly Brannigan
  16. Gerry’s Beaver Hat
    The Rose In The Heather
  17. American
    Mountain Top
  18. Fiddle And Bow
    The Dairy Maid
  19. Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel
    The Bag Of Spuds
  20. The Lakes Of Sligo

Two comments

First in series of Coleman Centre CDs

Many rate thus as the best with sterling performances by Peter Horan, Carmel Gunning and the like playing a lot of common session tunes

Great album. One of my student’s family was involved in the production or funding (or something), so I received a free copy. Even if it is a tune you’ve heard before, the settings on this album are so good that it can even make you look at the bucks of oranmore in a new way.