Best Of Irish Ceili Music

By Various Artists

  1. Tie The Bonnet
    Lucy Campbell
    Dunne Hills
  2. Devaney’s Goat
    Down Among The Bushes
  3. The Trip To Durrow
    Drowsey Maggie
  4. Siamsa Beirte
  5. The Bag O’ Spuds
    Morning Mist
    The High
  6. The Lark In The Morning
    The Connaughtman’s Rambles
  7. The Shores Of Lough Gill
    The Grey Goose
    The Castle
  8. St. Patrick’s Day
    The Drops Of Brandy
  9. Hunting The Hare
    Drink Of Water
    The Back Of The Haggard
  10. Sally Gardens
    George White’s
    Lady Ann Montgomery
  11. The Old Woman Of The Glen
    Mid Summer’s Night
    The Falls Of Doonasa
    The Milky Way
  12. Let Erin Remember
    The Boys Of The Old Brigade
    Three Flowers
  13. Lannigan’s Ball
  14. Kelly The Boy From Killane
    The Dawning Of The Day
    Roddy McCorley
  15. The Kylebrack Rambler
    The Graf Spee
  16. Joe’s
    The Carraroe
  17. O’Byrne’s
    The Tatie Hookers
    The Spanish Arch
  18. Jackson’s
    The Rakes Of Kildare
    Hartigan’s Fancy
  19. The Cruel Father
    The Piper’s Despair
    Fred Finn’s
  20. The Siege Of Ennis
    The Banks Of Inverness
  21. The Soldier’s Song

Ten comments

“Best of Irish Ceili Music” ~ an Outlet recording, and the artists are:

- 1.) Shaskeen
- 2.) Shaskeen
- 3.) The Eamon Mitchell Group
- 4.) The Eamon Ceannt Ceili Band
- 5.) The Green Cross Ceili Band
- 6.) The Dun Na Ri Ceili Band
- 7.) The Pride Of Erin Ceili Band
- 8.) The Malachy Doris Ceili Band
- 9.) Shaskeen
10.) The Eamon Mitchell Group
11.) The Eamon Ceannt Ceili Band
12.) The Dun Na Ri Ceili Band
13.) The Green Cross Ceili Band
14.) The Malachy Doris Ceili Band
15.) Shaskeen
16.) The Eamon Mitchell Group
17.) The Eamon Ceannt Ceili Band
18.) The Dun Na Ri Ceili Band
19.) The Pride Of Erin Ceili Band
20.) The Fred Hanna Ceili Band
21.) Orchestral ~ ?

#5 of 10 CDs ~ “Celtic Souls: Irish Celtic Ballads & Traditional Music”

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1.) “Séamus Tansey: Traditional Irish Music”
~ also issued as “The Best of Séamus Tansey”

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3.) John & James Kelly: Irish Traditional Fiddle Music (& friends)

4.) “Tara Folk: Folksongs of Ireland”
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* 5.) “Best Of Irish Ceili Music”

6.) “Rince: Complete Irish Dancing Set”
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7 & 8.) “Festival Of Traditional Irish Music, Volumes 1 & 2”

9.) “Peg McGrath, Mary Mulholland & Kathleen Smyth: Cherish The Ladies”

10.) “Armagh Pipers’ Club: Song of the Chanter”

There is a typo on track five. The word Reel should be added after High.

No typo

There is a naming convention here whereby the tune type is not added to the tune name eg You’ll find ‘The High Reel’ listed as ‘The High’, ‘The Kesh Jig’ listed as ‘The Kesh’ etc

What I meant was that “High” sould be on the next line. There are three reels. There is no such reel as “Morning Mist High”.