Where Else Would You Be

By The Pub Scouts

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i don’t know if i should have posted this in the discussion area but here we are: i,for one, would really,really,- ‘and i mean this most sincerely,folks! ’ - appreciate it IF recording posters gave even the slightest hint about why they like/hate/are non too sure about the recording they’ve just posted.

it takes more time to enter the details of the album anyway and i would appreciate what you might have to say.
i could say the same about the tunes section as well.

wrist slapping is n’t my thing but i get pissed off with the blank spaces in this section especially.
ps: i hope i’ve not done the same thing myself,in which case,i’ll get my coat………..

I agree big dave, I’d like to know who this band is, maybe where they are from and why people think its good!

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Pub Scouts

I’ve seen their name on IrTrad-l plenty of times before. From what I can recall, they’re a bunch of folks from Northern California. In fact I just brought up their homepage. They’re in Chico, CA…
if you want to read more about them.


They have a snare drum and bones…

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thank you,bb and brad - i’ll check out the link

Pub Scouts

Yes, they are here in Chico. They’ve been at it at Duffy’s Tavern for 10 years plus as far as I know. Played with them a few times. Nice folk. Stop by on Fridays 4-7.

PubScouts ~ 2nd set, 2nd tune

Would that be "The Kinnegad Slashers" ?
Submitted on December 26th 2002 by Mad Baloney.

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