Yella Hoose

By John McCusker

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About John McCusker

all but a few of the tunes on this album are written by John himself.
yella hoose is johns second album. the album guests many artists including : Ian Carr, Andy Seward, Andy Cutting, Tim O’Brien, Darrel Scott, Michael McGoldrick, Kevin McKenzie, Conrad Ivitsky, Russsel Hunter,Simon Thoumire, Gino Lupari, Iain Macdonald, Keith Angel, Kate Rusby, Jackie Wells, Donald Hay, Mike Katz and Malcolm Stitt.

John McCusker was born in Bothwell, near Glasgow, in 1973. He has packed a lot of music into his life. With a mother and father from an Irish background, John began to play the whistle at 5 years old, he went on to take up the fiddle at 7, playing in a few youth orchestras, and joining a local Ceilidh band at 12. At the age of 14 he, and some school friends, formed a folk band - the Parcel O’ Rogues (who recorded for Temple - Parcel O= Rogues COMD2033).
John attended a Battlefield Band concert about that time and gave them a tape of the group. They were impressed, especially by John, and kept in touch. When John was 17, the fiddle seat became vacant in Battlefield Band, and although he was doing some studying at the Royal Academy in Glasgow, he jumped at the offer to join his favourite band, and as they say, the rest is history.

For ten years now John has been playing and touring the world with Battlefield Band, developing his music and learning and contributing all along the line. He has recorded six albums with the band (with another one underway at the moment), but has still found time on his days off to record a critically acclaimed solo album (John McCusker - Temple Records 1995).
He has guested on over 100 albums, including recording with Teenage Fanclub; BMX Bandits; The Silencers; Radio Sweethearts and on and on. In 1999 a book of his music was published - A Bothwell Boy (Kinmor Music). Other musicians are now picking up on John’s tunes, such as The Poozies; Natalie McMaster and Solas . John has also found time to spread his wings as a producer working with Eliza Carthy and notably Kate Rusby. He produced Sleepless by Kate, the album which was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize and recently won the BBC Folk Album of the Year.

Track 5

I would advise anyone who gets a hold of this cd to take a look at track 5 as ‘the shetland mollecule’ is a sound tune.

Its annoying because there so good!

I’ve been trying but have not been able to transcribe many more of these tunes. Can anyone help?

Re: Yella Hoose, track 11, Carrickmacross

Not the jig to which this was linked at
It’s another composition by John McCusker: "Carrickmacross is the name of the town in Ireland where I used to go on holidaywith my family every year, it’s very close to where my mother was born."

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