By Battlefield Band

  1. Dookin’ For Beetroot
    The Head Roaster
  2. I’m Going To Set You Free
  3. Och Is Duine Truagh Mi
    Tha Fionnlaigh Ag Innearach
    An Gille Dubh’ Mo Laochan
  4. My Luv’s Like A Red, Red Rose
  5. Song For Selangor
    Covering Ground
  6. Kitty Got A Clinking Coming From The Fair
    Overton Park
  7. The Ballad Of Accounting
  8. Ton Bale Leon Braz
    The People’s
    Ash City
    Blackjack Grove
  9. Cillephaedair
    Boo Baby’s Lullabye
  10. Gathering Storm
  11. The Blue Lagoon
  12. Allan McLean
  13. Paddy Moloney’s Welcome To Scotland
    Compliments To Buddy MacMaster

One comment


Must be something like the millionth album from Scotland’s hardest working band. A nice mix of tunes and songs.

The lineup for this album is:
Alan Reid
Mike Katz
Alasdair White
Sean O’Donnell

They are also joined in guest spots by Mike Whellans and Mitch Greenhill.