Ceol More

By Tony McManus

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A must for guitar enthousiasts

This guy’s playing is gentle, precise, subtle and at times electrifying by its speed. A must for guitar enthousiasts.
I know nothing of guitar playing and must admit I don’t buy albums from guitarists. But this guy is exceotional (as is Pierre Bensusan and probably many more)
Heard him play with Paddy Keenan in Montreal in summer of 2006… what a team 😉


1st reel on track 2 is “Lady Montgomery”, but not “Ann” :

Track 5 has 2 jigs, both with the same title “King Of The Pipers”. The original poster had only posted 1 title, so I’ve added the 2nd jig under its’ other title [ the title I used when I posted the tune here a while back ].

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