Some Foriegn Land

By Colcannon

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  1. Siege Of Kinsale
    Flight To Salamanca
  2. Bermuda Line
  3. Gravel Walk
  4. Planxty Colcannon
  5. The Bachelor
  6. Oxford Road
    Bloom Of Youth
  7. Kilkelly
  8. P Stands For Paddy
  9. Balleydesmond Polka 2
    Balleydesmond Polka 1
  10. Anach Cuain
  11. The Game Cock
  12. Planxty Ellie Murphy
  13. A Fig For A Kiss
    The Drops Of Brandy
    Up And Down Again
  14. The Hungry Grass
  15. The Rann Maker

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Some Foreign Land

This is actually Colcannon’s 2nd album, but their first is no longer available. This is a great CD, with some excellent traditional music as well as a few original’s thrown in.

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… and it came out in 1991

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