The Celts

By Various Artists

  1. ‘St
  2. Drag Her Round The Road
  3. Sunshine And Showers
  4. Hora Meiga
  5. Fleur De Mandragore
    Ash Plant
    Siobhan O’Donnell’s
  6. M
  7. Branohm
  8. The Flight Of The Earls
  9. Far From Home
  10. Texiendo Sua
  11. A Breton Tune
  12. The Dispute At The Crossroads
    Columba Ward’s
  13. Rapa Bestas
  14. Deiradh Fomhair
  15. An T-
  16. The Step Ahead
  17. T
  18. Jigs & Bulls
  19. Celebration

Two comments

The Celts

This is a collection of Celtic music, collected by Avshalom Farjun and Ehud Nathan, both from Israel.
The collection contains music from Ireland and other Celtic regions, as Scotland, Galicia, Asturias and Breton. Furthermore, two trackes are dedicated to Israeli Bands: Black Velvet (7) and Kahol (9).

Black and blue

I love black velvet’s blending in of balkan/ meditteranian music into celtic music. (branohm is also one of my favourite reels). I feel that kahol’s blending in of other musical generes is a bit "over- kill", but nevertheless, interesting and exieting.

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