Athens Hotel

By Colcannon

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  1. Newry Highwayman
  2. The Red Kite
  3. Athens Hotel
  4. Sister Josephine
  5. Gap Of The Winds
    Leitrim Fancy
    Little Bag Of Potatoes
  6. Nancy Spain
  7. Stella Maris
  8. The Gentlemen Soldier
  9. The Streets Of Our Town
  10. Ben’s Two Step
    Jumping Ship
  11. Crooked Jack
  12. Cad E Sin Don Te Sin?
    Plearaca Dhoire An Chreassain
  13. Glenveagh
    Kitty Magee
    The Rose In The Heather

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Athens Hotel

Another great great album from Colcannon, this being their 3rd. Published in 1993.

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