The Life Of Riley’s Brother

By Colcannon

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  1. Deorai
    Pedals And Wheels
  2. Brid Bheasach
  3. Step It Out, Mary
  4. Eamonn A’ Chnoic
    The Icey Sidewalk
  5. How Will I Ever Be Simple Again
  6. The Life Of Riley’s Brother
  7. General Grant’s Visit To Dundee
  8. Like Martha Blake
  9. Yeshe In The Garden
  10. The Streets Of Forbes
  11. Blackbirds And Thrushes
    Maire Bheicheach
  12. The Rare Ould Times
  13. Mollai Ni HAlpin
    The Dusty Windowsill
    The Merry Harriers

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The Life of Riley’s Brother

This is Colcannon’s 4th album, and they REALLY start coming into their own here. This is also their first album with Brian Mullins on the mandolin, bouzouki and mandocello. He added and energy that was lacking previously and it comes through their recording. GREAT album!

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Came out in 1995.

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