Coppers And Brass

By Dick Gaughan

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Coppers and Brass

Released 1977 on Topic Records. Dick Gaughan playing traditional tunes on acoustic guitar. Triplets galore!

1) Coppers and Brass
The Gander in the Pratie Hole
2) O’Keefe’s (also known as “Tom Billie’s Reel” )The Foxhunter’s
3) The Flowing Tide
The Fairies’ Hornpipe
4) The Oak Tree
The Music in the Glen
5) Planxty Johnson
6) Gurty’s Frolics
7) The Spey in Spate (J S Skinner)
The Hurricane (J S Skinner)
8) Alan MacPherson of Mosspark
The Jig of Slurs (G S McLennan)
9) The Thrush in the Storm
The Flogging Reel
10) Ask My Father
Lads of Laoise
The Connaughtman’s Rambles
11) The Bird in the Bush (also called “Bird in the Tree” )
The Boy in the Gap
MacMahon’s Reel (also called “The Banshee”)
12) Strike the Gay Harp (also called “The Night Dance” )
Shores of Lough Gowna
13) Jack Broke the Prison Doo
Donald Blue
Wha’ll Dance Wi’ Wattie?

Wrong track title

The list above is wrong for the last tune in 10. It’s not The Connaughtman’s Rambles; it’s The Connaught Heifers (or, at least it is on my vinyl copy). There’s no suggestion on the lists on this website that these are alternative names for the same tune (although I’m happy to be corrected). This is a shame, as I was looking to see if I had a recording of this tune and I thought I had. But now I see I haven’t (if you get my drift).


99% sure that Gaughan played the “Heifers” on that track. Not like nigelg to make a mistake like that, though. Both tunes, “Heifers” and “Rambles” are here on this database.

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Coppers and Brass

Sorry guys - I don’t know what happened there - probably brain not engaged. I have corrected this in the Details.

Other albums like this

I can’t stop listening to this album; my first foray into trad music played on solo guitar and I’m really digging it. Anyone have recommendations for other solo guitar albums?


Many thanks, Kenny, for the great leads! I’ve already found most of them on eMusic and look forward to listening to them. Now if only I could find a copy of “Kist o’ Gold” floating around somewhere…