Grace Notes

By Buttons And Bows

  1. The Waltz Of Happiness
  2. The Exile’s Return
    Dick Sand’s
  3. Eleanor Plunkett
  4. Flaherty’s
    The Dancing Master
  5. The Bluemont
  6. Biddy The Bold Wife
    A Day At The Races
  7. Tomeen O’Dea
    Ballyket Courthouse
    Maid Of Hollywell
  8. Ashokan Farewell
  9. Reel De Rimouski
  10. The Boys Of Mallin
    Geoghegan’s Fancy
  11. Beibhinn’s
  12. The Chaffpool Post
    Belle Of The Ball
  13. The Danish Quadrille
  14. The Green Woods Of Trugha

Three comments

Buttons and Bows, Gracenotes

Jackie Daly: accordian, concertina
Seamus McGuire: fiddle, viola
Manus McGuire: fiddle
Garry O’Briain: guitar, piano, mandocello

1) The Waltz of Happiness (Cliff Hamilton)
2) The Exiles Return/Dick Sand’s Hornpipe
3) Eleanor Plunkett [a] (Turloch O’Carolan)
4) Flaherty’s Hornpipe/The Dancing Master (Sean Ryan) (also known as "The Swan")
5) The Bluemont Waltz (Rodney Miller)
6) Biddy the Bold Wife/A Day at the Races
7) The Tomin O’Dea Set [reels]
8) Ashokan Farewell [w] (Jay Ungar)
9) Reel de Rimouski (Fortunat Malouin) *
10) The Boys of Mallin/McDermotts Reel/Geoghegan’s Fancy (also called "Paddy Canny’s")
11) Beibhinn’s Waltz (Garry O’Briain)
12) The Chaffpool Post/Belle of the Ball (also called "Memories of Sligo" by James Morrison)
13) The Danish Quadrille
14) The Green Woods of Triugha

* = Fortunat Malouin (1870-1935) was a travelling salesman and a fiddler; this tune was recorded by him in 1928.

Re: Grace Notes

The Danish tune on track 13 is called Rumlequadrillen in its land of origin. Recorded by Ash Plant on the eponymous record (1988).