Grace Notes

By Buttons And Bows

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Buttons and Bows, Gracenotes

Jackie Daly: accordian, concertina
Seamus McGuire: fiddle, viola
Manus McGuire: fiddle
Garry O’Briain: guitar, piano, mandocello

1) The Waltz of Happiness (Cliff Hamilton)
2) The Exiles Return/Dick Sand’s Hornpipe
3) Eleanor Plunkett [a] (Turloch O’Carolan)
4) Flaherty’s Hornpipe/The Dancing Master (Sean Ryan) (also known as “The Swan”)
5) The Bluemont Waltz (Rodney Miller)
6) Biddy the Bold Wife/A Day at the Races
7) The Tomin O’Dea Set [reels]
8) Ashokan Farewell [w] (Jay Ungar)
9) Reel de Rimouski (Fortunat Malouin) *
10) The Boys of Mallin/McDermotts Reel/Geoghegan’s Fancy (also called “Paddy Canny’s”)
11) Beibhinn’s Waltz (Garry O’Briain)
12) The Chaffpool Post/Belle of the Ball (also called “Memories of Sligo” by James Morrison)
13) The Danish Quadrille
14) The Green Woods of Triugha

* = Fortunat Malouin (1870-1935) was a travelling salesman and a fiddler; this tune was recorded by him in 1928.

Re: Grace Notes

The Danish tune on track 13 is called Rumlequadrillen in its land of origin. Recorded by Ash Plant on the eponymous record (1988).