Streaming Tunes

By Harmony Glen

  1. The Absent Minded Woman
    The Bob Wi’ The One Horn
    The Rose Garden
    The Windmill
    The Reconciliation
  2. The House Carpenter
  3. Jig For Jules
    Trill Trail
    The Wind In The Chimney
  4. Harmony Glen
  5. McLennan’s
    Abu Dhabi
    The Boys Of Malin
  6. Sunrise In Somerset
  7. Like A Tree
  8. Rocking The Cradle
  9. Kickinacuckoo
    The Clockwinder’s
    The 12th Hour
  10. Life’s Lasting Song
  11. The Beara Island
    The Doon
    The Swallows Tail
  12. Chicken On A Raft

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Second Album

I just bought this cd a couple of weeks ago in Feakle. It’s a great follow-up to their first album.