Continental Reel

By Birkin Tree

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  1. Evil Suggestion
    Micko Russell’s
    Mary O’Keefe’s
  2. We Ye Go To Flanders?
    An Ancient Dream
  3. The Bastard’s Gone Away
    Danny’s Wedding
  4. Scully Casey’s
  5. The Bridge Of Longago
    The Pit Stop
  6. The Little Tail
  7. Britta’s
  8. Ca’ The Yowes To The Knowes
    Ossian’s Air
  9. Michèle
    The Humours Of Clara
  10. The Nightingale
    Joyful Kate
  11. The Shaskeen
    The Floating Crowbar
    The Man Of Aran
  12. The Doubtful Advocate
    The Chinese Flu