By The Chieftains

  1. Txalaparta
  2. Arku - Dantza
    Arin Arin
  3. El Besu
  4. Nao Vas Ao Mar, Toino
  5. Dum Paterfamilias
    Ad Honorem
  6. Dueling Chanters
  7. Galician Overture
  8. Guadalupe
  9. Minho
  10. Setting Sail
    Muiñeira De Frexido
  11. Maneo
  12. Santiago De Cuba
  13. Galleguita
  14. Tears Of Stone
  15. Alborada Gallega
    Jackson’s Morning Brush
    Muiñeira De Cabana
    Muiñeira De Chantada

Five comments


A legend in the ancient Irish “Book of Conquests” has it that Ireland was founded by the son of the king of Galicia, a region in the northwest of Spain. Whether this is true or not, the music and language of this country have more in common with Ireland, Brittany and other Celtic regions than with the rest of Spain. This recording encompasses the Galician music, mixed with some incredible Irish music. This recording was really instigated by their meeting of the Galician bagpiper (Gaita) Carlos Nu

Kepa Junkera

Try also “Bilbao 00:00” (Bilbao Zero Hour) by Kepa Junkera. Absolutely incredible music.

Muineira de Cabana

The unnamed Muineira above has been identified as the Muineira de Cabana.