The Miller’s Jig

By Magnetic North

  1. Wednesday Night
    Harlequin In The Woods
  2. Sir Philip McHugh
    A Peep Behind The Curtain
    The Miller’s Rant
  3. Portobello’s Rant
  4. A Highland Pibroch
    Kiss Me Fast My Mammy Is Coming
  5. When Wars Alarms (song)
  6. A Minuet
    A French Minuet
  7. Whip Her And Gird Her
    Jack Lattin
  8. Fye Gae Rub Her Oer We Stroae
    Highland Lad Ty Kist His Mammy
  9. Feltons Gavot
  10. Morpeth Rant
  11. The Itallion Dance
  12. Lovely Nancy
    So Merryly Danced The Quaker
  13. Cupids Recruiting Serjant
    Brest Knot
  14. Guardian Angels
  15. Rock Abbey
  16. Tom Tollys
  17. The Musical Lovers (Song)
  18. Love & Opportunity
    A Trip To The Oatelands
  19. The …
    Bonny Lad
    The Tit Bitt
  20. Flowers Of Edinbourgh
    Highland Laddie
  21. Justice Ballance
    The Morning Starr
  22. Air
    Jackson’s Morning Brush
    Turk & No Turk

Two comments

Miller’s Jig

"A performance by Yorkshire trio MAGNETIC NORTH of dance tunes, songs & airs from the 1798 manuscript of Joshua Jackson, North Yorkshire cornmiller & musician."
(Tune titles as written in the manuscript)