By Gerry O’Connor

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  1. Cam A’ Lochaigh (The Curve Of The Lake)
    The Trip to Durrow
    Tom Ward’s Downfall
    Shearing the Sheep
  2. Red Hill Burning
  3. Classical Grass
  4. Journey of a Soul
  5. [Reconciliation Set]
    The Green Mountain
    The Flogging
    The Reconciliation
  6. Temple Bar Jam
  7. Song for P.J.
  8. Fields of Rhythm
  9. Indian Storm
  10. O’Mahony’s
  11. [The Findhorn Set]
    Sean Sa Ceo
    The Glass of Beer
    The Sailor’s Bonnet
  12. [The Garrykennedy Set]
    The Leg of the Duck
    The Black Rogue
    The Bush on the Hill

Five comments

this was submitted already in 2002…

This one has the correct linking for tune names, though…more useful than the original version.

Banjo … or Fiddle???

It’s a banjo recording. Perhaps people could make this clearer when posting CDs from artists with the same name. Solo release from the former Four Men and a Dog tenor banjo master, Gerry O’Connor. Draws from a wide range of music ­ both traditional, folk and contemporary.

Re: Myriad / Track no 7 A Song for P. J.

Dear Session Musicians,

I took our granddaughter to the Ballyshannon folk festival and one of the acts was Four Men and a Dog.
Gerry O’Connor played this tune on solo violin our granddaughter fell in love with this gorgeous tune and would like to learn it would anybody like to post a version ?
Sincere apologies for asking.

Many thanks