Ceilidh House Sessions

By Various Artists

  1. Maggie Lauder
  2. The Full Rigged Ship
    The Turnpike
    The Silver Spear
  3. Laddie Lie Near Me
  4. Trowie Burn
    The Greenland Man’s Tune
    The J.B.
  5. Strangers To Me
  6. Tron Blues
  7. Silent Running
  8. Christmas Eve In The Morning
    Reel Of Tulla
    The Congress
    Stenson’s No. 2
  9. Alison Gross
  10. Shady Grove
  11. Trip O’er The Mountain
    Caislean Na Nor
  12. The Trip To Dundee
  13. The Maid Gaed Tae The Mill
  14. Mountains Of Mourne
  15. John Steven Of Chance Inn
    The Mountain Road
    The Lark In The Morning

Ten comments

…from the Tron Tavern Edinburgh

The recent discussion regarding Llig reminded me of this recording. I found this CD at an Irish music store here in the States. Knew nothing about the people, but I noticed there was a musician named Michael Gill on the recording and it was made in Scotland, so I thought, what the heck? Wouldn’t it be kind of funny if it was everybody’s favorite session.orger. Still have no idea whether or not it is, so maybe the man himself can verify. My guess is that it isn’t because I suspect he would have directed people asking for a recording of him towards this CD since IMHO the M.G. on this recording sounds pretty good. If it is him, I suspect this CD may need several reprints as folks around here will probably want evidence. Never know, so I thought I would post it anyway. Either way is a pretty nice CD.

OK, so here’s what I do know about the recording. It was released in 1994 by Greentrax Recordings. It features the following musicians:

Track 1: George Duff (guitar/vocals), Adam Jack (fiddle)
Track 2: Eilidh Shaw (fiddle), Kathryn Nicoll (fiddle), Russell Hunter (keyboards)
Track 3: Palaver (vocals)
Track 4: Seannachie (instrumental)
Track 5: Cy Laurie (vocals), Sam Ramsay (guitar), Freddie Thomson (fiddle), Shaw (fiddle), Hunter (keyboards)
Track 6: Davy Thompson (guitar)
Track 7: Ian Carmichael (banjo), Michael Gill (fiddle)
Track 8: William Haines (concertina), Martainn Beag (keyboards/high & low whistles)
Track 9: Seannachie (song)
Track 10: Carmichael (banjo/vocals), Ramsay, Gill (double bass), Laurie
Track 11: Gill (fiddle), Ramsay (guitar)
Track 12: Laurie (vocals), Ramsay (guitar), Thomson (fiddle), Shaw (fiddle), Hunter (keyboards)
Track 13: Palaver (vocals)
Track 14: Duff (guitar/vocals), Jack (fiddle)
Track 15: Nicoll (fiddle), Shaw (fiddle), Hunter (keyboards), Gill (double bass), Thomson (fiddle), Ramsay (guitar)

Also, “The Silver Spire” is incorrectly listed on Track 2 as “The Silver Spear”.

OK, that’s all I got on this CD for now. Anybody have anything to add?

It’s always Freddie who plays bass when I drop by the pub. Anyone else, too?

That’ll be oor Michael OK. Lot of good players on that recording.

Thanks for the verification Kenny.

Deadly, would like to get my hands on a recording. Any ideas where I could pick it up?

I would have assumed that Greentrax had it available, but it doesn’t seem to be listed in their catalog. I see that it’s available through http://www.musicscotland.com and http://www.amazon.co.uk. Probably others as well, but those are the two that I noticed upon Googling it.

hey, I wouldn’t mind a copy of that too.

Posted .

“hey, I wouldn’t mind a copy of that too.”

….sorry I can’t help, but I do have a copy of “Fly Fishing” by JR Hartley 🙂