By Sharon Shannon

  1. The Whitestrand Sling
  2. Libertango
  3. Chi Mi’n Geamhradh
    The Palm Tree
    The Flowers Of Brooklyn
  4. An Phailistin
  5. Albatross
  6. Hogs And Heifers
    The Mortgage Burn
    A Birthday
  7. The Seven Rejoices Of Mary
  8. All The Ways You Wander
  9. Amy’s
    An Tunnag
    A Sore Point
  10. Goodbyes
    Skip To It
    Space Party
  11. Anachie Gordon
  12. The Toonagh
    The Wishing Well
  13. What You Make It (da Da Da Da)

Eight comments

Sharon Shannon - Libertango

Unlike the CD track listing, I’ve listed the ACTUAL tune names here rather than the names of each ‘set’. Here is the sleeve listing:

1 The Whitestrand Sling: The Whitestrand Sling
2 Libertango: Libertango
3 Duncan’s: Chi Mi’n Geamhradh/The Palm Tree/The Flowers of Brooklyn
4 An Phailistin: An Phailistin
5 Albatross: Albatross
6 Hogs and Heifers: Mortgage Burn/Unknown/A Birthday Polka
7 The Seven Rejoices of Mary: The Seven Rejoices of Mary
8 All the Ways you Wander: All the Ways you Wander
9 The Burst Matress: Amy’s Waltz/An Tunnag/A sore point
10 Space Party: Goodbyes/Skip to it/Space Party
11 Anachie Gordon: Anachie Gordon
12 The Wishing Well: The Toonagh Mazurka/The Wishing Well/Jocelyn’s Jig
13 What you Make it (da da da da): What you Make it (da da da da)

Sharon Shannon - Libertango

Anyone know the name of the tune following Mortgage Burn on track 6?

Sharon Shannon - Libertango

A slightly annoying mixture of great music and slush, like a few of Sharon’s. Who really needs Albatross, or that moronic What You Make It (Da Da Da Da…) track at the end? And Mary Black recorded an altogether better rendering of Anachie Gordon than whoever does it here.

But IMO Sharon Shannon’s playing is beyond reproach where the tunes and music are foremost.


Seems the 3 tunes on track 6 are

Hogs and Heifers / Mortgage Burn / A Birthday Polka

Sharon Shannon jig

There’s a jig on Sharon Shannon’s CD, ‘Libertango’, used as a break in ‘The Seven Rejoices of Mary’. However, it’s only one part of the tune. Does anyone know the name of the tune so that I can find it and learn it? Thanks.

Re: Sharon Shannon jig

“Um, if you’ve got the CD, ……..”

Space Party

I love the 3rd tune of “Space Party”, do you know something about it ? if someone could put it in The Session, it would be great !