Special Instrumental - Le Fiddle Irlandais Par Ted Furey

By Ted Furey

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  1. O’Rourke’s
    The Wild Irishman
  2. The Rakes Of Kildare
  3. Reavy’s
  4. Paddy Ryan’s Dream
  5. Lord Inchiquin
    Give Me Your Hand
  6. The Rambling Pitchfork
  7. The Silver Spear
  8. An Phis Fhliuch
  9. Donnybrook Fair
    Saddle The Pony
  10. The Three Maggies
  11. The Boys Of Bluehill
  12. Rakish Paddy
  13. Cherish The Ladies
    Father O’Flynn
  14. Toss The Feathers
  15. Banish Misfortune
    The Lark In The Morning

Three comments

Le fiddle irlandais par Ted Furey

The english translation is “The irish fiddle by Ted Furey”. This record was produced on vinyl during the early seventies (no date mentionned on the record) on the french label “Le chant du monde”. Side A consisted of tracks 1 to 8, and side B of tracks 9 to 15.
Ted was accompanied by Patsy Whelan on guitar, and John Wright on fiddle.

Some corrections …

track 8 originally written “Pis Fluich ou The Perfect Wife”
track 9 originally written “Donneybrook Faire/Saddle The Poney”

Re: Special Instrumental - Le Fiddle Irlandais Par Ted Furey

Track no.10, “The Three Maggies” is
If I Had Maggie in the Woods/The Rakes of Mallow/Mursheen Durkin