Standing Stones

By The Crossing

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  1. Standing Stones
  2. The Leitrim Fancy
    The Kid On The Mountain
    Merrily Kiss The Quaker
  3. Niki
  4. Mourning Into Dancing
    Out On The Ocean
  5. Song Of The Books
    The Old Maids Of Galway
    One Of Our Own
  6. Endurance
    Sonny Brogan’s
    Hole In The Boat
  7. Tossed And Driven
    Running For The Barn
  8. I’ll Take Your Promises With Me
  9. Molly MacAlpin
  10. Psalm 136
  11. The Hag And The Churn
    The Humours Of Whisky

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The Crossing - Standing Stones

Standing Stones was recorded in 2002.

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