Country Fiddle Band: One Hundred Years Of Country Dance Music

By New England Conservatory Country Fiddle Band

Three comments

I have this on an LP — another thrift store score (eBay record hawking is making the good ones harder and harder to come by these days…) The music is done by a 9-piece band in varying arrangements, and isn’t particularly traditional in flavor. The whole of it sounds more like a movie orchestra, to me. It’s a novel listen more than anything, but offers renditions of traditional tunes. ‘Balkan Hills Schottische’ is actually Loch Lomond. Maybe someone else knows more about the recording or the musicians than I do?

From the notes on the rear cover:

"The standard instrumentation used is: nine fiddles, five flutes (or piccolos), five guitars (or banjos), three basses, piano, drums (also playing washboard or spoons); in some pieces also accordion and xylophone."


Mary O’Reilly - fiddle - Flop-eared Mule, Devil’s Dream, Balkan Hills, Over the Waves, Larry O’Gaff, Money Musk

Mike Anderson - fiddle - Miller’s Reel, Over the Waves

Harris Shiller - fiddle - Steamboat Waltz

Stephanie Jutt - piccolo - On the Road to Boston, The Balkan Hills, Money Musk

Kathi Edelson - flute - Steamboat Waltz

Bob Young - banjo - Over the Waves, The Balkan Hills

Stephanie Ferrera - xylophone on Over the waves, drums for On the Road to Boston

Myron Romanul - accordion - Steamboat Waltz, Silver and Gold Two-step

Columbia Records M 33981

silly mistake: The Balkan Hills is positively not Loch Lomond. It is, in fact, The Balkan Hills.