The Brass Fiddle: Traditional Fiddle Music From Donegal

By Various Artists

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Vincent Campbell, Con Ciassidy, James Byrne, and Francie Byrne. Some really lovely stuff, all of it interesting. The liner notes are very interesting, giving lots of great info on the tunes and the players.

An example:

"Muilleann Na Maid

This is a favourite, so much so that I have it as LP, cassette and CD… I love it. It is full of life and humour, great music and great characters…

"The Brass Fiddle" ~ the mazurkas

Thanks to Zina the tags ‘mazurka’ were removed so that these tunes could link to the transcriptions, and that works OK, in some cases but not all. So I’ll repeat the links here. Also, check the ‘Comments’ of these transcriptions because sometimes you’ll find trasncriptions in ABC’s taken from these recordings. If I had to choose a dozen or so CD’s to carry away with me to the stars, this would be one of them…

Track ~ name ~ link

2.) Vincent Campbell’s Mazurkas #1 & #2

Vincent Campbell’s #1 ~ the right link
Sonny Brogan’s / The Hag With the Fiddle / The Old Donegal / The Irish
Key signature: G Major (& D)
Submitted on January 2nd 2003 by lazyhound.

Vincent Campbell’s #2 / The Glenties ~ missed
Key signature: G Major (& D)
Submitted on January 15th 2003 by ScottC.

21.) "The Kilcar Mazurka" ~ the right link
Key signature: G Major
Submitted on July 16th 2004 by ceolachan.

24.) "James Byrne’s Mazurka" ~ links to a slip jig
James Byrne’s / Tommy Peoples’
Key signature: D Major
Submitted on January 13th 2003 by milesnagopaleen.

Danny O’Donnell was also due to feature on this album, but withdrew when the label refused to allow him to be recorded with a piano accompanist.

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