Tunnel Vision

By Christel Rice

Three comments

CueZone Records release, available on emusic (for those who like to get hold of their music that way!).

Talented person!

Christel is an amazing player as well as an absolutely wonderful person. Very approachable, kind, and an exceptional teacher. If you get a chance to take lessons on Irish flute or whistle from her you can contact her via Cuezone Records…she is in Brooklyn NY . She also has recorded with many well known bands and played with great ones including Cherish the Ladies.
This CD is beautiful and shows her great technique as well as her own compilations. ENJOY~

I’m not really sure if it’s the playing, the selections, or the arrangements, but this album has been stuck on repeat for a couple weeks now. God help me, I think I’m going to buy a flute of the strength of it.