Music For Whistle And Guitar

By Cormac Breatnach, Martin Dunlea

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Breatnach is joined by guitarist Martin Dunlea. Available via emusic.

Martin Dunlea should be in the artists field. He’s credited jointly with Breathnach.



Different Tune on Track 2?

I love Track 2, but it doesn’t sound like The Session’s Jackie Small’s or Morrison’s to me… is there a different tune in there, too?

Track 2: Na Ceannabhain Bhana

Found it! I think Na Ceannabhain Bhana is the first tune on track 2.

Track order

The order of tracks on the CD sleeve was wrong. Happens all the time.

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Track numbers wrong

The correct track titles for numbers 2 and 10 are MISPLACED at the Amazon MP# shop.

The 2nd track actually contains the following tunes:
- The Cotton Grass Flowers (that is "Na Ceannabhain Bhana"),
- The Killavil,
- The Old Flail.

Instead of it, the 10th track includes:
- Morrison’s,
- Port an Tailliuira Small (Taylor Small’s jig).

Еhanks to Philippe Varlet (Celtic Grooves Import e-store) who does know what he sales: