By Pipedown

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  1. Beaton’s Blue Bonnet
    Donald MacLennan’s Tuning Phrase
    Biddy From Sligo
  2. Pibroch Of Donald Dubh
    The Chandelier
    We’re A Case The Bunch Of Us
  3. Tar The House
    The Periwig
  4. Granny Beaton
    Colin’s Favourite
    Duncan Johnstone
  5. The Grapevine
    Stuart Liddell’s Farewell To Loch Fyne
    Fiona And Gareth
  6. Back Of The Moon
    Fair And Forty
    Colonel Rodney
  7. The Winnipeg Forger
    Mr. Jack
  8. Brendan Murphy
    The Red Brae
    Fraser Allison’s
  9. The Hellbound Train
  10. Bulgarian Tune
    Davey Webster’s
  11. The Yodler
    Walking The Plank
    Richard’s Gone Bananas

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Can’t recommend this album highly enough. Lovely playing and tunes. GHB/Smallpipes, Mandolin, Guitar and Percussion.