Shetland Springs Fae Da Bonnie Isle

By Gibbie Hutchison

  1. Kale And Knockit Corn
    Robbie Tamson’s Smiddy
  2. Bonnie Dainty Davie
  3. Up An’ Doon Da Harbour
    Johnny Laing
  4. Nanny & Betty
    Lasses Look Afore You
  5. Bonnie Lass A’ Bekkahill
    Cuckoo’s Nest
  6. Da Oyster
    Had De Tongue Bonnie Lass
  7. O’er Bogie
  8. Coil Away Da Hawser
    Jannie Nittle
  9. Soldier’s Joy
    Cripple Kitty
  10. Turn Under Lea
    Shakins A’ Da Barley
  11. Da Scalloway Lasses
    Timmer Stairs
  12. Jack Is Yet Alive
    Ladies Breest Knots
  13. Sailor O’er Da Rough Trees
  14. MacDonald’s
    Bonnie Little Lad
  15. Da Peerie House Ahint Da Burn
    Da Wind Dat Shakes Da Barley
  16. Da Floors A’ Edinburgh
    Cuddle In A Bosie
  17. Muckla Skerry A’ Three
    Merry Boys A’ Greenland
    Da Bonnie Isle A’ Whalsay
    Jenny Dang Da Weaver
  18. Irish Shilling
    Caber Feigh
  19. Trig Bag
  20. Da Bonnie Isle A’ Whalsay
  21. Unknown
  22. Morris Rant
  23. Walkin Ower Da River
    Deil Stick Da Minister

One comment

Whalsay fiddle

Recorded by Gibbie Hutchison at age eighty, accompanied by his son John on guitar, double bass and some second fiddle. Tasty playing in the traditional Whalsay style, lots of obscure Shetland “springs” (reels), plus a few more familiar tunes.