By Brendan Begley and Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh

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  1. The P&O
  2. Tonn Cliodhna
  3. Cronin’s Slippery
  4. I’ll Tell Me Ma
  5. O’Sullivan’s
  6. An Chéad Mháirt Den Fhomhar
  7. Julia’s Norwegian
  8. P&O Polka Reprise

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Pending new duo album from Brendan Begley And Caoimhin O’Raghallaigh

This album is only available from their concerts, according to the website. I have not heard this album yet, but intend to get my hands on it as soon as it is available.



"Apotheosis of the Polka and Jigs to Haunt Your Dreams"


Hehe…Caoimhin’s websiting may be a bit out-of-date, seeing as he just went from the US to Ireland to Finland and back and just dropped dead catching up on sleep. The album is not yet available, even at concerts, because it’s just not done yet; when Breanndan gets back from the States they’ll probably add a bit and subtract a bit. For now, best thing to do is check Caoimhin’s myspace for a clip or two - or rather, go to their concerts wherever they be!

For whatever it’s worth:
3) Cronin’s Slippery Jig is a crooked setting, perhaps of Scottish descent, of Fig for a Kiss.

5) Theirs is not the Gmajor, 4-part o’Sullivan’s March as linked, but an older 2-part setting in Dmajor.

8) If I’m not mistaken, the reprise track has been replaced by a live set of the Glen Cottage polkas.

Hope to have helped!

It was available when I saw them play in Philadelphia about a month ago. I opted not to buy it because it almost seemed like more of a sampler. Figured it was a work in progress, which from all accounts seem to be the case indeed.


Turns out I was dead wrong. My friend just got a copy of it, so…who knows whether it’s final or no? All’s to say is, that final set is, in fact, a fiery reprise of the P&O polka, and the Glen Cottage polkas are in that "Julia’s Norwegian" track - a reference to Johnny Spilane’s Favorite, which they play at the end and which supposedly was played back to them by a Norwegian fiddler at one concert, albeit in an altered rhythm. It originally came from Julia Clifford (Irishly, anyway).


The second tune in the 2nd set is the one that John Williams plays on flute on Steam. He calls it "Johnny O’Leary’s"

Brendan Begley..the voice

When I met Brendan Begley at CeltFest, and I heard his voice, I cannot explain what I felt. He can move mountains with his songs and his dances. It was a gift to met such a special musucian.