Traditional Music On Fiddle, Banjo, And Harp

By Oisín Mac Diarmada, Brian Fitzgerald, Micheál Ó Ruanaigh

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Oisin MacDiarmada has come through Portland twice in the last year or so, and I’ve liked his playing. This is a record he did in 2000, with a harpist and a banjo player who are good, but not stellar. The ensemble sound is quite good, though, with some good tunes played at good tempos (ie, not blasting through everything at top speed, but playing it at a good pace for the tune).

The record is on Clo Iar-Chonnachta, and can be ordered through them at is Amazon should fail you.

I love this CD. An unlikely combo of instruments, but it sounds great.


I have to argue with Jons comment on Michael Rooney and Brian Fitzgerald, both of whom are excellent exponents of their instruments and both, like Ois

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I agree with Dceol, Michael Rooney is a talent and is really respected in ireland. This site loves going on about the all-Ireland and how good it is & how important, etc, well he’s won it so how do you figure that he isnt stellar? As for Brian, I love that groovey relaxed way of playing and I love this album!

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1st reel on track 1……..
All 3 are “stellar”, in my book. One of my favourite recordings of all time.
If Jon Kiparsky thinks the players and music on this recording are merely “good” - a word he uses 5 times - I’d like to know what he considers “stellar”.

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Re: Traditional Music On Fiddle, Banjo, And Harp

One of my favorite moments on the album is the turn from the Humors of Kilcogher into Tell Her I Am. The whole album is truly lovely and worth a listen for the ensemble playing but also for moderately paced tunes.