By Archetype

  1. Gavottes
  2. Le Loub’ Des Carpates
  3. Polka-Plinn
  4. Oust Et Lie
  5. Aperitif-Concert
  6. Kerreg Beg An Treiz
  7. Hora
  8. Andy’s Waltz (Flatbush Waltz)
  9. Elie
  10. Docteur Krank
  11. Policeman’s Holiday
    Langstrom’s Pony
    Rakish Paddy
    Gan Ainm
    Doctor Gilbert
    Dick Gossip’s

Three comments


I thought I had already posted this - but I guess not!

This is probably one of the main albums that got me interested in traditional music. I got it on holiday in Brittany with my parents when I was about 12 at the festival in La Baule.

Looking at Ceol’s posting of Fest-Noz has prompted me to post it.

Released by Escalibur in 1989

A classic Breton album with a number of "Greats" of the Breton tradition:
Fiddle: Pierick Lemou, Herve Bertho, Christian Lemaitre, Jacky Molard, Fanch Landreau, Yvon Rouget
Cello: Thierry Moreau
Double Bass: Pierre Lecompte.

If anyone has a better track listing than this then let me know and I will edit the details.


Thanks to Henk for the track listing for the last track - it doesn’t seem to have seperated the tunes though so am not sure what to do about it. - Jeremy?


P.S. Track 1 should read ‘Gavottes "Montagne"’ but appears to have been amended for uniformity and I am not about to change it back!

The tape sleave notes some composers (although they do not attach them to particular tune names within the tracks. Here they are anyway:

1. Trad
2. F. Landreau
3. Trad.
4. Trad. - J. Baron
5. T. Moreau
6. D. Laurent
7. Trad.
8. A. Statman
9. Trad.
10. Not listed - but the track is only 6 seconds long - a "herald" I suppose (would make a great ringtone!)
11. Trad.