The Pattern Dance

By Men Of Worth

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  1. The St Kilda Wedding
    Connemara Girl
  2. Turning Toward The Morning
  3. Am Fad Agus Gual (The Peat And The Coal)
  4. Christmas In The Trenches
  5. The Eriskay Fishing Boats
    The Road To Ness
  6. Mattie
  7. Patrick Street
  8. Is Truagh Nach D’Rugadh Dall Mi (Alas, That I Was Not Born Blind)
  9. Bridget Donaghue
  10. McDermott’s
    The Reel Of Rio
    Lad O’Byrne
  11. The Road By The River
  12. Some Say The Divil Is Dead
    ’S Iomadh Rud A Chunnaic Mi
    Lucy’s Fling
    East Of The Hebrides

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Men of Worth

A nice little duo. Donnie MacDonald sings and plays tenor banjo, octave mandolin and concertina. James Keigher sings and plays guitar, bodhran and mandocello.

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