Traditional Irish Dance Rhythms

By Various Artists

  1. The Orange Rogue
  2. King Of The Fairies
  3. The Three Tunes
  4. Bonaparte’s Retreat
  5. The Blackthorn Stick
  6. Selection Of Reels
  7. Youghal Harbour
  8. Madame Bonaparte
  9. Hurry The Jug
  10. Selection Of Hornpipes
  11. Planxty O’Donnell
  12. The Roving Peddler
  13. Trip To The Cottage

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Irish dance music

Eugene O’Donnell: Violin
Patrick Reynolds: Violin
Gerry Wallace: Piano & Piccolo
Felix Dolan: Bass & Piano
Sean McGlynn: Accordion
Bill McComisky: Accordion

Leprechaun Records, PJF 1050

"With this album in your home you will be among the first to enjoy traditional Irish in living stereo. Recorded by the greatest Irish musicians of our time and arranged with such variety and taste you need not be Irish to throughly enjoy this presentation of jigs, reels, hornpipes and set dance rhythms. Students of Irish music and dance, to whom the Leprechaun Label is dedicated, will especially like the variety and tempos offered in this volume.