Wooden Flute Obsession Volume 1 CD 1

By Various Artists

  1. The Fox On The Town
    The Lady Of The Island
    The Primrose Lass
  2. The Golden Keyboard
    Ambrose Moloney’s
  3. The Maho Snaps
    Get Up Old Woman And Shake Yourself
    The Chicken That Made The Soup
  4. Terry ‘Cuz’ Teehan’s
    Her Long Dark Hair Flowing Down Her Back
  5. The Duke Of Leinster
    The Ladies Pantallettes
  6. The Invisible Corncrake
  7. Mick Flatley’s Delight
    Ed Reavy’s Favourite
  8. The Ships In Full Sail
    The Three Sisters
  9. King George IV
    Johnny Harling’s
  10. The Choice Wife
  11. The Kerry Man
    The Pigeon On The Gate
  12. Old Hag You Have Killed Me
    The Pride Of Erin
    The Monument
  13. The Hard Road To Travel
    Shanks Mare
  14. Leon’s
  15. The Hungry Rock
  16. The Battering Ram
    The Besom In Bloom
  17. Courting Them All
    Denis Murphy’s
    Miss McLeod’s
    Billy Brocker
  18. The Dark Haired Lass
    Bonnie Anne
  19. Johnny’s Wedding
    Colonel Rodney’s
  20. Are You Ready Yet?
  21. The Fire In The Hearth
    Around The Fairy Fort

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Wooden Flute Obsession

40 artists
85 tunes
1 passion

Possibly the definitive record of traditional Irish flute playing. Available from http://www.worldtrad.org

Here are the flutists featured in disk 1:
Garry Shannon
Eamonn Cotter
Marcas O‘ Murchu’
Michael McGoldrick
Catherine McEvoy
Marcus Hernon
Seamus Tansey
Barry Kerr
Deirdre Havlin
Noel Rice
Josie McDermott
Laurence Nugent
Mike Rafferty
Loreto Reid
Liam Kelly
Colm O’Donnell
Jimmy Noonan
Hammy Hamilton
Turlach Boylan
Tom Doorley
John Skelton

Wooden flute obsession cd

I just got my copy, oh * my * gawd (hey, I’m a blond, what do you
expect?), what a fabulous set of CDs. They won’t be out of
the player for a long time. Now, of course, I will have to
learn to play the flute 🙂!

Last tune name

Just so there’s no confusion, the last tune on the last track of this recording is “Around the Fairy Fort” and can be found on this site at: https://thesession.org/tunes/2177.

Johnny Harling’s reel

Hi there, on “Wooden flute obsession 1” (https://thesession.org/recordings/278) Deirdre Havlin plays a set called “The Mighty Clansmen” - consisting of “King George IV” and “Johnny Harling’s Reel”.

The latter sound so lively and very, very cool. I have been trying to find the ABCs for this tune, and although a search on the title does give some results here at thesession it doesn’t seem to be for that particular tune. Do any of you guys have the ABCs for it?

Best wishes,

Re: Johnny Harling’s reel

A Google search suggests that it’s written by Liz Carroll, but I couldn’t find ABCs for it.

Re: Johnny Harling’s reel

here we go again … I quite often post this reply and I quite often get into trouble for it. But here we go again …

Why do you need the ABC? If you have the recording, learn it off that. If you have dificulty learning tunes off a recording, here’s your chance to practice.

Posted .

Johnny Harling’s

Maybe a long shot, but it wouldn’t be this, would it ?


Agree with Michael, though - if you have the recording…………….

Don’t get me wrong, learning from a CD is a good way to go, but a big part of thesession is the sharing of ABCs and sheetmusic, is it not? It’s not like I’m walking into a baker’s shop wanting to buy a cat 😉

Just wanted to confirm that the tune is indeed properly called “Johnny Harling’s Reel” and is by Liz Carroll. From the horse’s mouth.

Dark Haired Lass

Hammy Hamilton’s first tune is listed on this site as the fair haired lass - a different tune is listed under “dark haired lass”

Wooden Flute Obsession on CD Baby

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Quoting Hammy Hamilton from the liner notes: “…what we get to hear is something of the current state of Irish traditional flute playing, in its international context, from widely recorded commercial virtuosos, to talented enthusiasts, many of whom were invited to record specifically for Wooden Flute Obsession, and may or may not ever record again.”

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Kevin Krell

International Traditional Music Society, Inc.
A non-profit 501c3 charity/educational public benefit corporation
Wooden Flute Obsession CDs (3 volumes, 6 discs, 7 hours, 120 players/tracks)

Re: Wooden Flute Obsession Disk 1

As a result of listing with CD Baby, all volumes are now also currently available through Amazon.com , though at a higher price. Look for your best deal and whichever provides you with the greatest convenience.