Traditional Flute Music In The Sligo-Roscommon Style

By Catherine McEvoy With Felix Dolan

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Catherine McEvoy

I had the great pleasure and good fortune of meeting Catherine McEvoy and learning from her at Gaelic Roots this summer. Great player and teacher! There are no frills to this album: just Catherine busting out one great set after another with Felix Dolan backing on piano. I find myself constantly turning to this album for cool new tunes to learn on the flute. i also particularly enjoy the background write-up she gives on all of the tunes.

An inspiration…

I’m surprised there have been no additional comments posted about this great recording. OK, I’ll post my own…

Since first hearing this recording about seven years ago, I have seldom gone more than a week or two without listening to this wonderful record. Everything about Catherine McEvoy’s playing is an inspiration.

I’ve never had the good fortune to meet or learn from Catherine McEvoy, but I do have a goal of one day learning all of the tunes on this record, and being able to play along with it entirely from start to finish.

Disturbing piano

I like McEvoy’s playing very, very much. But the piano playing in the background is rather annoying.

RE:brotherstorm… a heads up

I understand that style and instrumentation is all just a matter of preference, so I’m not gonna debate your statement, but just be aware that Felix Dolan, the “annoying piano playing in the background”, is a legend, so I suspect not too many people would agree with your opinion.


Sorry, didn’t want to insult anyone. Just a matter of taste.

No need to apologize. I’m not anywhere near insulted, and like I said, I wasn’t debating your opinion or anything. Just merely alerting you to a fairly widely held opinion (or at least I understand it to be), so you wouldn’t be surprised by peoples’ responses were you ever to discuss the album at a session or unknowingly find yourself in Felix’s presence.

Although I have yet to listen to this album, I have seen Catherine McEvoy play live. She is an amazing flute player whom I got to meet, play in 2 sessions with, and see play a phenomenal concert (actually, two or three. First, by herself, then with Pat Broaders, and then the next night with Pat Broaders, Tommy O‘Sullivan, Matt Cranitch, Patrick Ourceau, and Mickey Dunne) at the O’Flaherty retreat I went on this weekend. It was awesome meeting her, and being taught in a few classes with her. She’s an excellent teacher, amazing musician, and good person.

(She also signed the cover on the back of the CD case. Unfortunately though since nobody had a sharpie, she couldn’t sign my CD, but at least I did get her to sign something :] )

Tune list confusion

The reel that appears on this album as “Paddy Taylor’s” is listed on a Tara Diamond CD as “Little Katie Taylor’s.” “Paddy Taylor’s” more usually refers to a jig.

They are both great tunes but this could be confusing.