Restless Home

By Orion

  1. The Shores Of Marsannay
  2. Far Off Fields
  3. Enez Du
  4. The Road To Ballyheigue
    Fernando’s Rambles
    Jigging Through The Alps
  5. Restless Home
  6. Sir Charles Coote
    Mervynn Pratt
  7. Maid In The Cherry Tree
    Hora Manolache
  8. Marche De Trebrivan
    Ar Skouarn Dorr
    Rac’ham Ar Ruz
  9. Lord Gregory
  10. Lesidren
    Vitocha #2
  11. Rue De Dunes
  12. Reel Of Notes
    Trip To Gaza
  13. Mr. Waller
  14. Enina’s Dream

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Restless Orion

Recorded 1998 with a lot of prominent guests like Donal Lunny, Philip Catherine or Soig Siberil. Many tunes are composed by Rahel Gigot or Rudy Velghe.