Noel Hill And Tony Linnane

By Noel Hill And Tony Linnane

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Noel Hill And Tony Linnane

My tape of this has just about worn out; time to get the CD. It’s an absolute classic. Great tunes, great playing, and it’ll put a smile on your face.

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Seminal Fiddle and Concertina duet

Tony Linnane plays as sweet a fiddle as you’ll ever hear and the combination with Hill’s concertina is magic. Matt Molloy also guests on this.

This is a really enjoyable disc - the third tune on the first medley is Maudabawn Chapel by Ed Reavy, misidentified as Ryan’s Reel.

Hill and linnane

my tape ran out as well, my cd is starting to do the same. It

Great for a student of the box

This is one of the most inspiring albums I own. Brilliant.

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Noel Hill - Concertinas (Ab / Eb,C / G & Bb / F systems)
Tony Linnane - Fiddle
Matt Molloy - Flute
Alec Finn - Bouzouki, Mando-Cello
Micheal O’Domhnaill - Church Harmonium

Produced by Micheal O’Domhnaill
Engineered by Andrew Boland
Recorded & Mixed at Lombard Sound Studios, Dublin, Oct, Nov 78
Assistant engineers - Paul Thomas, Hew Thomas

As regards to the music and the recording of this album, we thank Matt Molloy, Alec Finn, Micheal O‘Domhnaill, Seamus Mac Mathuna, Paddy Murphy, Tommy Peoples, Sile O’Neill, Andrew Boland and Brian Masterson.

We will always remember and thank our parents Mr. & Mrs. Pat Linnane of Corofin and Mr. & Mrs. Sean Hill of Corofin, Lissycasey in County Clare, for their patience and encouragement. Also special thanks to my uncle Paddy Hill, always a dedicated and practised lover of the music.

We hope you enjoy the music.

Noel Hill , Tony Linnane.