The Jolly Tinker

By Kane O’Rourke

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The Jolly Tinker

i’ll add more when i’ve got a bit more time but just to say for now that this is Kane’s new album,launched in Ennis the other week.

you can listen to the cheeky chappie strutting his stuff on fiddle,flute,whistles,guitar,bodhrán,keyboards and not forgetitng the lilting of course.

a mix of trad tunes and some composed by the eponymous tinker himself.

on a first hearing my favourite is the tyra ava.

the album is available from claddagh records and here’s the link(i hope!):

i’ll try and post more later.

good man,Kane!

‘Born in London, Kane O’Rourke’s traditional background was set in stone. With Irish Parents, Mother from An Gaeltacht in Co.Meath and Father from the heart of Co.Leitrim both with strong musical roots. Kane’s Grandad, Michael O’Rourke (The Singing Postman) was an All Ireland winning Ballad Singer and lilter it is from this background that Kane carries on the tradition From an early age Kane took a great interest in Irish Music and Culture, and loved to listen to Irish Records, his Parents recognised his talent and from here he was taught by Co. Clare born Brendan Mulkere a highly renowned teacher throughout the London Area. His musical talents started on the bodhran and progressed quickly on to the whistle, fiddle and a variety of other instruments. Kane moved to Ireland in 2004 to establish his musical career. “The Jolly Tinker” is his first Album and it brings together an array of his musical Talents which features him playing Flute, Fiddle, Lilting and Guitar. Kane also is a composer Tunes, four of his compostions are featured on this Album - Tyra Ava, Mucka’s, The Killkenny and Mick O’Rourke’s. The music on this Album brings together the new and the old, it also highlights the various talents this young Man has to offer, and no doubt you will hear more from him in the future. hope you enjoy my blend of dance/dub/rap and trad fusion. kanes notes i’ve had my studio a couple of years now, recording the sort of stuff that i wanna hear. i love music with ’balls‘. i like to keep close to the tradition of irish dance music, playing the old tunes-writing tunes that sound like old tune, i.e dont sound like finger excercises. and then fuse it modern beats and bass. enjoy the tunes’

the above is taken from Kane’s ‘myspace’ site and gives a bit more info…

Tune within may morning dew

Hi, does anyone know the name of the tune kane plays in the beginning of may morning dew. It sure isnt dear irish boy. Its in E minor. thanks.

Jug of punch

well, i actually found the tune kane plays in may morning dew its a reel called jug of punch and it was a fluke that i stumbled upon it!

Came across this in the local library - I like it, it’s quirky 🙂

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